It's a typical girls night out.....well for them getting out on deck on their huge spaceship and fight an alien invasion is pretty common. 
Green, yellow, blue or pink it doesn't matter, fight them off. 

We do not know what they want, but they sure are doing some serious damage wherever they go and bring carnage on their path ! 
It's up to you girls to save the day once again ! There is a lot of them to destroy, but keep in mind that they made a mess so debris will be on your way, avoid abandonned crates and blow up cars. 

Use your laser to annihilate every alien life form, pick up money at the same time to buy new lasers so your friends can join the fight, unlock and use all 3 characters ! 
They each has their own costume and speed !! Try to pick up green galactic coins, they are worth a lot ! 

Go as far as you can and try to destroy the alien invasion !!

★ 3 characters available 

★ Random gameplay assure a new game everytime you play 

★ 100% free game

★ Possibility to remove ads and unlock all characters with our in app purchase 

★ This game is perfect for childrens all age and adults too! 

★ Gamecenter integration you will be able to track your score always! 

★ Try to beat your own score, or those of thousand of others all around the world.

★ We LOVE to Know what you think about our game, please tell us what you like and would like in the game and we will add it for YOU