Scuba Diving & Underwater Vehicle Sea Ride Free


Pirates long gone have hidden tons of pirate chest on the floor of the ocean. 
Their time is past, but you wan't what once were theirs. 

Explore the wonders of the sea in this amazing free underwater game. Visit the bottom of the ocean and try to uncover its mystery and treasures. 

Keep your eyes open and try to pick up as much treasure as you can, but be aware, as beautiful as the sea is, it is deadly. 

Sharks, dangerous fish, others diver wanting your treasures and even sirens who will try to use their charm to let you drown in the bottom of the ocean. 

Be careful, they are all after you and your treasure, if you are quick enough, you should be able to avoid them while picking up new golden chest. 

Find enough gold and you should be able to finance new explorers to help you with your quest to uncover the secrets of the old pirates. You might be surprise, for the right price, some enemies might become your allies. 

Also you might want to buy some vehicles to help you on your quest. 

★ 7 different characters available 
★ Random gameplay assure a new game everytime you play 
★ 100% free game with ads 
★ Possibility to remove ads and unlock all characters with our in app purchase 
★ This game is perfect for childrens all age and adults too! 
★ Gamecenter integration you will be able to track your score always! 
★ Try to beat your own score, or those of thousand of others all around the world.
★ We LOVE to Know what you think about our game, please tell us what you like and would like in the game and we will add it for YOU